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Order Code:TP d1s
Dark Blue
Soft Pink
Black (Sold Out)
Elaborate princess puffy sleeves cotton top finished with unique buttons on both shoulder with perfect slimming effect!
Length 57cm x shoulder to shoulder 36cm x arm 14cm
Fit size S and M
33 MYR

Order Code: TP d2e
Soft Pink
Cool Black
Excellent quality princess puffy sleeves jacket with four funtional gold buttons to complete your classy and elegant look. You will love the material of this jacket!
shoulder to shoulder 39cm x length 47cm x arm 15cm
Fit size S and M
55 MYR

Order Code: TP d3k
Grey (Sold Out)
Dark Grey
Excellent quality cardigan, very comfortable and stretchy when wearing it! I'm Loving it!
shoulder to shoulder 38cm x length 90cm
Fit size S, M, L
50 MYR

Order Code: TP d4b
Black off
This is a must have round neck basic puff sleeves top, made in cotton.
shoulder to shoulder 41cm x length 55cm x arm 14cm
Fit size S and M
30 MYR (Sold Out)


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Sexy Belle

Order Code: DR d1c
Vanilla Cream
Adjustable deep V chiffon lacey dress with inner linning,come with detachable leatherette strap for decorate in style.
shoulder to shoulder 33cm x length 71cm x arm 19cm
Fit size S and M
MYR 50


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Vintage Affair

Item Code: BG D01
Love at first sight leatherette sling bag with adjustable braided strap.
Camel (Sold Out)
Dark Mocha
H: 23cm x L: 28cm x W: 5cm
53 MYR


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Miss Denim

Item Code: AC D1J
Detachable denim ribbon with diamante.
Long adjustable necklace with faux pearl 46cm

26 MYR

Item Code:AC D2R
Long denim and diamante ribbon necklace with faux pearls 46cm

26 MYR

Item Code:AC D3B
Faux peal necklace.
Lovely and colourful beads with pink petal &denim ribbon 45cm

26 MYR

Item Code:AC D4A
Multiple layer adjustable denim necklace 53cm

26 MYR

Item Code:AC D5P
Adjustable chain with lovely petal and colourful faux pearls, can be a bracelet or necklace 35cm

26 MYR

Item Code:AC D6C
Chained denim necklace with gold coins, come with a detachable denim flower 39cm

26 MYR

Silver Polishing Cloth

Item Code:M D01
Silver polishing cloth is a piece of cotton cloth impregnated with silver polish and anti-tarnish agent to clean tarnish off silver and protect against tarnishing. The cloth remains effective as long as they are not washed. Made in Germany.
Small (8.5x8.5cm) 5 MYR
Medium (17.5x8.5cm) 9 MYR
Large (17.5x17.5cm) 16 MYR


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Saturday Morning & Saturday Night

DR b01s
Seductive Black
Gold Rush
Length: 75cm (Measured flat)
Best Fit: S,M

Awesome quality cotton and stretchable bodycon sequins dress with military studed and chains pad on the left shoulder.

36 MYR

DR b02l
Length: 70cm (Measured flat)
Best Fit: S, M, L

Extraordinary stretchable and High quality Lace Singlet with Roses print. This Light and cooling material is essential for this Summer time with 1 purchase can have many different style in the same cloth.I can bet you dont wanna take it off once you tried on it.

24 MYR

Inner singlet at DR ao1
Belts at the belt section above
Vest at the tops section

TP a02f
Soft Pink
Soft Yellow
Length: 52cm ( Measured flat)
Best Fit: S, M

Little flora on a very comfy cotton top, awesome figure flattering cutting with adjustable straps.Simple and charming.

24 MYR


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More Belts!

BL b01f
22 MYR
Exclusive Zippy inspired.Stretchable Lovely Spring Blossom Belt with elegant tinted gold outlined !

BL b02h
Polished Black (SOLD OUT)
Polished White
20 MYR
Adjustable Day and Night Jungles belt.

BL b03m
Classy Dark Brown
Striking Chili Red
Pearl White (SOLD OUT)
22 MYR
Quality and stretchable belts inspired by the elegant motive of peacock with the touch of glam with diamantes.

BL b04b
Dark Brown (SOLD OUT)
Pure White
20 MYR
Stretchable Butterfly belt.

BL b05c
Khaki Brown (SOLD OUT)
Beige White
Seductive Black
22 MYR
Stretchable and secure your belt at the back.


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New and Unique!

AC b207p

A multipurpose accessories must have in hand!
Flaunt it to your friends and Sign your name in style with this blink blink!
It can be a Pen, Necklace or even Bracelet. You will never finding a pen again when you need it urgently.And never lost a pen when you can carry it on your neck as acessories!

Colour: Pink and red heart diamantes with Black ink
39 MYR

AC b208j

Adjustable necklace or choker.
Art pieces can never be outdated, instead they are getting more valuable day by day especially it is created by a few designers.
This piece of porcelain art can rarely found in anywhere.
1 piece only.
Colour: Very Refreshing Light Green
52 MYR

AC b209c
Diameter: 6.5 cm
Tinted Gold
Silver (SOLD OUT)
chanel-inspired Charms Bracelet.
15 MYR


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New Selection!

Item Code: Acc b01b
Measurement: 7cm-9cm diameter
Details: Stretchable Black Gem with Cystal Clear Diamantes Bracelet, Quality workmanship to complete your stylish and sophisticated personality.
26 MYR

Item Code: Acc b02p
Measurement: 7.5cm diameter
Details: A Set of 7 bangles included Elegant faux pearl and Tinted Gold chains, can be wear separately or mix&match with outfit.
28 MYR

Item Code: Acc b04r
Measurement:35cm (measured flat)
Details: My fair lady's silver ribbon with diamante.

Item Code: Acc b05l
Measurement:7.5cm diameter
Details:A Set of 6 Tinted Gold Bangles included Elegant faux pearl and Tinted Gold diamante bangle with L.O.V.E .
24 MYR


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Order code: AC A007
Colour: Silver
Price: RM 20
Details: 10 in 1 slim Bangle with tiny humble faux pearl. For the lady who appreciate every little wonderful things everyday =)

Order code: AC A012
Colour: White
Price: RM 11
Details: White ribbon necklace with diamantes highlighting the outline.
Order code: AC A013
Colour: Silver
Price: RM 22
Details: Round shape makes people feeling happy and it simply means perfect! This necklace make an impression to others of an independent lady who knows how to carry herself well *wink

Order code: AC A016
Colour: Silver
Price: RM 22
Details: I know you miss the twinkle little stars. Perhaps this diamantes star necklace is more attention drawing than the real one up there. tee hee~
Order code: AC A017
Colour: Silver
Price: RM 20
Details: Long striking dice necklace that makes you wanna show it off on the dance floor =)
Order code: AC A019
Colour: Gold
Price: RM 19
Details: Disco ball.
Order code: AC A020s
Colour: Platinum
Price: RM 30
Details: Feeling emptiness always? Is your hands feeling empty perhaps... With this 2 lines of diamante bangle, your hands need not to find places to hide * wink

Order code: AC A027
Colour: Black
Price: RM 36
Details: Lovely couple swings in secret garden jewellery hanger.
Order code: AC A028
Colour: Black
Price: RM 28
Details: Melodic Grand piano jewellery hanger.
Order code: AC A029
Colour: Black
Price: RM 30
Details: Thorne of highest jewellery hanger with clear mirror attached.


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